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ttc mocksville

Thoroughbred Training Center(TTC) - Who We Are

In 1964 John McCashin, a third generation professional horseman, moved to Tanglewood Park in nearby Forsyth Country from New Jersey. Tanglewood Training Center (TTC) was born.

In 1971, John moved TTC to Hanes Ranch in Clemmons, NC and the business became what it is today – Thoroughbred Training Center. After Hanes Ranch was sold, John moved to the current Davie County location in 1973. TTC consisted of 121 acres of rundown cattle farm. The barns were simple pole barns, there was no outdoor arena, indoor arena, dressage arena, or Tack Shop. John rolled up his sleeves and went to work and TTC began to develop and fill with clients.

Through mutual friends and a stroke of luck, Beth applied for employment as farm manager in 1981. Beth graduated from Gardner Webb College in 1974 majoring in Biology and Math. Having been raised the daughter of an Extension Agent who worked for Ohio State University, Beth longed to return to farm life. Beth has a soft spot for senior horses that require extra TLC. She manages all the finances – making TTC run smoothly at all times. She also is in charge of all horse shows and the Tack Shop.

As magic happens, Beth and John were married in 1984. They had two children – Sean and Mary. Together they continued to build TTC. Beth managed the finances and the clients, and John managed the horses.

John passed away unexpectedly in 2013. Together, Beth, Sean, and Mary came together and kept TTC moving forward.

Sean graduated from Clemson University in 2009 with a degree in Agricultural Economics. He provides TTC with all our hay through his business, Cana Land & Farm Company.

Diversification has been the winner for TTC. Today TTC is a three-part facility that revolves around boarding horses, Tack Shop sales, and hosting over24 one-day horse shows per year with supporting equine riding clinics.

What began in 1973 as 121 acres has grown to 200 acres of owned land and 14 acres of leased land. TTC is currently home to 45 horses. Paddocks, pastures and hay field soils are analyzed once a year. Lime and fertilizer applications follow soil test results.

TTC strives to stand above the rest when it comes to offering the best horse facility in the area. This has been true since John opened the doors in 1973 and will continue into the future.

Our goal is do right by the horse, to do best for the horse, and to be honest in our business. We hope that you come visit and see all that TTC has to offer!